Endpoint Detection & Response

Gain Cyber Threat Visibility of Your Enterprise Enterprise

Our eDR Platform detects, responds to, and prevents advanced cyber attacks and data breaches, in real-time.

  • Save money
    • Prevent costly cyber attacks
    • Gain compliance and avoid fines
    • Reduce the cost of security operations
  • Boost efficiency and productivity of your security team and end end-users
  • Gain situational awareness and quickly make informed decisions
  • Improve shareholders’ value
  • Preserve your reputation and image
  • Protect your intellectual property and maintain competitive advantage
Neutralizing Advanced Cyber Threats. Response, Prevention, Analytics, Detection, Intelligence, and Hunting. Threatresponder® Platform -- Customizable Capabilities
An image of the Threatresponder dashboard on a monitor.

Capabilities / Use Cases

24x7 Network Monitoring

One Platform with a Single-Pane-of-Glass

Threat Intelligence, Analytics, Detection, Response, Hunting, and Prevention

SIEM Engineers

Data + Forensics Analytics

Detects and neutralizes (insider) threats.

Performs live incident response and forensics investigation on remote systems.


User Behavior Analytics

Tells you who is doing what, where, when, why, and how

Monthly Healthcheck

Threat Intelligence

Enriches threat data and provides
situational awareness

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