Critical Security Solutions


Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

Cyber threats are rising in quantity and sophistication every day.  Traditionally, Cyber defense has been reactive instead of proactive.  It only takes attackers one-time to succeed which comes as no surprise.  It’s imperative to have the ability to identify, organize, and track assets that access your network.  Most companies have difficulties attempting to consume and prioritize data coming from vulnerability scanning tools.  Performing effective vulnerability management requires a streamlined cadence for scanning and reporting, not to mention the expertise needed to prioritize and remediate results.


Managed Firewall Service

Most employees spend most of their time on the internet, sending and receiving emails, and accessing cloud-based applications.  The internet as a whole contains malicious weblinks that harvest malicious code which allows your data to be stolen. Bashtell’s Managed Firewall Services will ensure proper setup of your firewalls while maintaining health checks and monitoring.


SIEM Management

We recognize there are many excellent SIEM technologies.  However, many companies understand that most do not deliver the expected benefits without investment in staff, configuration, and operational processes.  This can cost prohibitive and extremely expensive.

Bashtell will provide a cost-effective SIEM service.  This gets you cloud-based SIEM-as-a-service which means, you have a remotely managed, fully deployed operable SIEM.


Managed EDR

Bashtell responds immediately to all threats, without spending time and significant resources configuring technology and hiring talent skilled employees to counter rapidly changing adversaries.  Bashtell provides battle-tested technology platform fused with 24×7 response team ensures you’re protected against malware, ransomware, and lifeless attacks.