Endpoint Detection and Response

Extending your cyber security capabilities to the endpoint

Compromising endpoints is a common tactic used by cybercriminals to establish a foothold on a network. Rapid detection and response to attacks targeting hosts such as desktops, laptops and servers should therefore be integral to your IT security.

Managed Endpoint Security

BASHtell's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a fully managed service.  We supply the professionals, technology and industry intelligence needed to hunt for, lockdown and remediate attacks. By continuously monitoring your organization’s endpoints and conducting detailed forensics, our experienced Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals obtain a real-time awareness of attackers’ movements in order to enhance threat discovery capabilities.

Threats identified

Threats identified by our managed endpoint detection and response service:

Command & Control (C2) activity

Network attacks

Application-specific attacks

Policy violations

File-based malware

Memory-resident malware

Why choose managed endpoint security?

With cyber security breaches now an operational reality, the time it takes your business to detect and respond to each and every threat is vital. Without a complete picture of the activity taking place across your environment however, how can you be confident that your environment is threat free?

BASHtell's EDR provides the enhanced visibility your organization needs to improve its cyber security posture by:

Extending detection capabilities beyond network-based monitoring

Identifying threats missed by traditional preventative security

Helping to quickly identify the root cause of attacks

Hunting for threats that exhibit suspicious patterns of behaviour

Enabling infected hosts to be isolated from a network

Advanced threat detection across your endpoints

Threat Response

BASHtell's EDR includes the latest endpoint technology which  record every file execution and modification, registry change, network connection and binary execution across each of your organization’s hosts.  It allows our security professionals to inspect deeper into your IT infrastructure in order to hunt for, detect and terminate known and unknown threats.

Features of our managed endpoint detection service

Proactive cyber threat hunting

Deploying endpoint detection technology is one thing but without an in-depth knowledge of the latest threats and how they operate, reaping the greatest benefit from your investment is impossible.

As experienced security experts, Bashtell team are highly attuned at identifying signs of compromise. In protecting your organization, we utilize our collective knowledge of latest hacking techniques, the experience of threat detection across industries and in-house Labs security research, to create custom watchlists that monitor for suspicious patterns of behavior across all endpoints.

By prioritizing technique-based detection over traditional signature-based methods, Bashtell’s threat hunters are empowered to detect new types of attacks that are otherwise likely to be missed.

Learn more about our eDR

For enhanced protection against advanced cyber threats, add proactive network monitoring to your managed endpoint security service.

Our supplementary Network MDR service includes Managed SIEM, Managed Intrusion Detection and Managed Vulnerability Scanning. It benefits your cyber security by including the additional tools and intelligence needed to identify, hunt for and respond to threats across your complete IT environment.


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