Cyber Incident Response

React to threats with rapid cyber-attack response

For any organization affected by a cyber-attack, a clear understanding of the situation is needed to take control of the breach, avoid panic measures that can inflame the situation and put in place an effective cyber incident response plan.

BASHtell's accredited cyber incident response service is designed to help businesses manage critical security events. Our experienced CSIRT experts are skilled at mitigating the damaging effects of cyber-attacks, investigating how they propagate and providing swift, clear remediation advice.

Features of our cyber incident response service

Thorough breach investigation

We utilize host-based analysis, the latest digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering to identify the source and type of attack, how it spread, and what systems data and users have been compromised.

Support and assistance 24/7

Should the worst happen, our experienced cyber incident responders are always on hand to you to remediate attacks and minimise damage to your business.

Detailed response planning

From malware and virus infections to brute force and social engineering, our cyber incident response team can help you to improve your response to a wide variety of attack vectors by reviewing your security technology and procedures.

Help implementing security policy

Working with internal stakeholders across your organization, our CSIRT specialists can help you to understand your organization’s state of readiness to deal with a cyber security incident and devise the procedures required to minimize cyber risk and improve threat awareness.

Full incident reporting

By conducting a detailed post-incident review and producing clear summary reports, our experts can help to communicate the effects of a breach to relevant stakeholders and recommend short and long-term remedial actions.

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Incident Response

Support remediating security incidents, whatever the scale


BASHtell's qualified security professionals possess the expertise to investigate cyber incidents of all types – from low-level IT security events to sophisticated, highly targeted attacks.

Utilising a variety of advanced analytical techniques, our team is able to identify how a cyber security incident occurred and unravel the movements of an attacker to identify the true extent of the breach.

Offering clear containment and remediation advice, as well as crisis management and public relations support, we can help to minimise the financial and reputational damage a cyber-attack can cause.

Why a cyber security breach is simply a matter of time

Skilled, persistent and well-resourced hackers are capable of breaching the security defences of any organization. Once inside a network, they have the potential to inflict severe financial and reputational damage by compromising assets and bringing business operations to a standstill.

BASHtell’s comprehensive threat detection and cyber incident response services help to maintain business continuity. By detecting advanced persistent threats (APTs) and providing swift, clear and confidential remediation advice, our solutions help to minimize cyber security risk.

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